Faithful+Gould’s next generation of professionals explore the importance of quality in design and construction

Emma Fairlie
Faithful+Gould was delighted to host its Next Generation Quality in Design and Construction Workshop.

This year’s annual event was bigger and bolder. Not only did it attract over 60 colleagues and clients, but the introduction of a key topic for debate evoked inspiring engagement amongst our Next Generation guests.

The topic - “Quality in Design and Construction” – is one of the main challenges facing our industry. Professor John Cole CBE was the key note speaker and, having led major reviews into the Edinburgh Schools and DG1, including a review of our Building Regulations, John’s knowledge is unparalleled on the subject.

We also invited a host of our clients some of whom made up our panel and who, collectively, are delivering portfolios of projects in excess of £2 billion. They conveyed strong views on the need to move quality up the agenda and challenge the failings we are currently seeing in our industry.

Stewart Macleod, Director with Faithful+Gould said: “In Faithful+Gould we recognise that we have a part to play in ensuring improved quality outcomes for our clients – that is a culture that we set at all levels of the business and our team are encouraged to take a lead role in championing quality”.

Between Professor Cole’s presentation and the panel discussion, the gravity of the situation within the construction industry was evident. It is clear that significant change is required if we are to solve this problem and that was the challenge that was put to our guests.

The enthusiasm in the room was huge and collectively we identified a number of ideas which can make a positive impact. These included:

  • setting a Quality Framework for a project lifecycle,
  • ensuring on-site experience for young professionals,
  • creating an awards and praise culture for quality.

Faithful+Gould will work with our clients and colleagues to see those ideas come to fruition. We see the real benefit they can bring to our projects and the buildings that are delivered for our clients.

Gregor Scott, Project Manager with Faithful+Gould said: “The event was a great opportunity to meet with Next Generation from across the industry. Quality is clearly a big issue for the construction industry and there was real enthusiasm amongst everyone to generate ideas to tackle it. Having so many clients support the workshop was encouraging and as a result of it we are working with one of our clients to refresh their quality processes. It is really encouraging to see this being put into practice."

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