FM Maturity Matrix - Efficiently Managing Your FM Arrangements Might be Easier Than You Think

Thomas Mann
Are my FM arrangements strategic? Are they contributing to the success of my organisation? How would I know?

Maturity MatrixAny successful journey should start with knowing where you are; self-awareness is at the heart of change. We have developed a Facilities Management Maturity Self-Assessment tool to help you find your bearings.

Facilities provide a critical supporting function to an organisation’s core businesses. Developing a more strategic approach to managing your assets and facilities will have a materially beneficial impact on your building users and the success of your organisation. Most of our clients are personally charged with optimising the performance of these property assets – one of their organisation’s greatest operating costs.

What are the benefits of this assessment?

Better understanding how your facilities management performs in relation to international good practice guidance and standards will help you build a more strategic approach, which will:

  • Improve service outcomes – quality improvements driven from more efficient and effective services will enhance customer experience
  • Reduce operating costs – improved financial performance from a more efficient service with better-informed asset investment decisions will effectively balance cost, risk, opportunities, and performance
  • Manage risk – increased transparency and control over service delivery will enable risks to your organisation to be predicted and mitigates, including reducing financial loss, protecting health, safety, and reputation 
  • Demonstrate compliance – critical to the operation of facilities is the ability to plainly demonstrate your assets conform to legal, statutory and regulatory requirements and standards
  • Enable change – providing the flexibility to adapt and consistently optimise operations, and the agility to significantly change service delivery when required with minimum disruption

Who is this for, and what does it do?

Our Facilities Management Maturity Self-Assessment is a simple online tool. In around 5 minutes, you will define how you believe different areas of your facilities management operations compare to international best practice and standards. In short, you will review how sophisticated, robust, and consistent your planning, systems, and delivery approaches are across your facilities management service. At the end, you will receive a short summary of potential next steps to improve that performance. Anyone with an interest in the way their organisation’s buildings and assets are managed in operation should find this assessment informative.

You will be assessing your facilities management arrangements across 6 key functional areas:

Strategy, Scope & Vision Does your organisation have a long-term vision of what good looks like in FM, and how we are going to get there?
Compliance (Policy & Standards) Is your estate compliant with the law? Can you prove it? Is your organisation aligned with best practice and standards?
Supply Chain Does your organisation leverage balanced supplier relationships that demonstrate value for money?
Performance (Operational Excellence) Does your organisation have robust standardised processes that are effectively structured and resourced for efficiency?
Information Management Can your organisation demonstrate transparency and control over your FM service – empowered by information?
Change Management  Is your organisation agile – with the capability and flexibility to change and retain optimal FM operations?

The tool is free, and open to access (you do not need to enter any personal or organisation contact information) – so take a look, triangulate your position, and begin your journey towards the strategic service your assets require and building users expect.