Global Head of Oil & Gas Knows the Drill

Kimberley Workman
Our new Global Head of Oil & Gas is ready to reignite the sector.

With over 30 years experience under his belt including a stint in the USA working for Faithful+Gould, Stephen McNeil, our new Global Head of Oil & Gas, is well-positioned to reignite the sector as part of an ambitious growth strategy.

Stephen, who was one of the first oil and gas employees to work in the Americas for Faithful+Gould, has spent his full career in the sector, starting as an apprentice and developing his role to delivering multi-billion pound projects across the globe for major blue-chip companies such as BP, Apache and Shell.

Now Stephen has rejoined Faithful+Gould, he is planning on exploiting the global landscape, ensuring that each region has a solid offering to present to existing and potential clients. He said: "The oil and gas sector is incredibly exciting and vibrant at the moment, with lots of activity happening throughout the world. It provides an opportunity for us to build relationships with independent operators as well as the supermajors and develop more specialist services to cater to specific client needs."

The oil and gas sector is incredibly exciting and vibrant at the moment, with lots of activity happening throughout the world."

Stephen McNeil, Faithful+Gould's Global Head of Upstream Oil & Gas

But these strong ambitions don't come without a thought-out and well-planned strategy, Stephen commented: "The growth will be steady to ensure a long-term future within the oil and gas sector; growing too fast can become unsustainable, so I want to ensure our established reputation in providing a world-leading service is supported by well managed and targeted growth whilst aligning to our overall industry strategy."

The oil and gas strategy is currently being finalised, led by the global energy sector team, which will guide the company towards maximising the opportunities within the sector. Stephen said: "We want to steer away from being considered in some areas as providing commodity services to clients, and instead, capitalise on our integrated consultancy strengths and strong staff base to differentiate ourselves from agencies even when supplying specialist services into clients' teams. Showcasing and nurturing the fantastic talent we have within the company combined with tailoring our integrated services to what clients want to buy, will give us the competitive advantage in the marketplace."

He concluded: "Our purpose and aim is to create a worldwide profitable business stream which increases the value of the supply chain to our clients and the predictability of their capital expenditure outcomes on their projects and programmes."

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