Making Waste Management Work

Dale Potts
The government's UK Waste Management Strategy sets ambitious waste targets.

100 million tonnes of waste are produced in the UK every year; the majority of which goes into landfill sites.

In 2007, the government launched the UK Waste Management Strategy, which plans to halve this figure by 2012 through a series of local government initiatives.

The government's main aim is not only to decrease the amount of landfill, but also encourage local authorities to manage their waste in a more responsible way. Initiatives include;

  • Increasing the Landfill Tax Escalator,
  • Providing Local Government Authorities with additional funding for PFI schemes, and
  • Researching alternatives to landfill.

Richard Ernest, director at Faithful+Gould, said: "The waste management industry is growing rapidly in response to ambitious government targets. Local authorities are now looking to third party companies to build a range of waste management facilities. However, these companies' expertise lies in the management of waste, rather than in the construction of the stations which is paramount. As a cost and project management consultancy, Faithful+Gould is ideally placed to use its years of expertise to help guide and push through ambitious and innovative waste management plans."

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