My Volunteering experience during Lockdown

Lloyd Cullen
At Faithful+Gould we are passionate about helping those in need. Each year, our offices select a charity partner and set a fundraising target to achieve. Over the past 18 months I have been heavily involved in co-ordinating and participating in various fundraising events to help achieve our Faithful+Gould team target.

In addition to this, I have always had an overwhelming desire to do more volunteering and offer something meaningful to try and help those in need in a more personal way. However, like many of us, work and personal commitments unfortunately don’t always allow for the time to make any real impact or head way in making this happen.

When the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, site operations on the project I was working on, came to a halt and shortly after I was placed onto the government job retention scheme. With Covid-19 at its peak and uncertain of how long this period of down time would last or when I might return to work, I wanted to look at this as an opportunity and put my time to good use to help those in need and most vulnerable to the virus.

After researching various charities and schemes, I decided to volunteer as a delivery driver for Rogart Street Campus, an organisation who provide and distribute soups, sandwiches and other weekly food parcels for the elderly and vulnerable people of Glasgow. The Managing Director who created this vital lifeline to those most in need, did so purely to help others, and funded this completely on his own, which I was truly humbled and inspired by.

To begin with I was slightly concerned about putting myself, family and friends at risk of contracting the virus at a time where the infection rates were high and panic was palpable. However, with suitable precautions in place it quickly became apparent how much this service was relied on and the benefit it brings, so I wanted to dedicate as much time as I could to help others.
I spent 6 weeks volunteering and it has been one of the most rewarding things I have done. It opened my eyes to some of the social problems that exist within the city that I live in. Over the last few months, I think many of us have realised how little we truly need to get by, but I now understand what we class as little, really is everything to others.

This experience has given me the drive to continue to seek further volunteering opportunities and help out where possible. If anyone is considering getting involved in volunteer work, but is apprehensive for any reason, I strongly recommend giving it a go. The lessons and awareness you can gain are invaluable, as are the benefits to those you are helping.