Nottingham Office Support for 704SEVENTY

Neil Walker
To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Faithful+Gould has launched 704SE7ENTY, its first national charity initiative, which sees colleagues across our UK and Europe offices cycle 7,000 miles in 70 days aiming to raise £70,000 for The Alzheimer’s Society.

As a business, we are embedded in our local community, I therefore feel we have a social responsibility to give back to the community and give our support to charity. Also, we have the resource to enable us to organise charity events.

Whilst the 704SE7ENTY initiative is a national campaign we wanted our events to reflect the diversity of our staff so we’ve organised events to cater to the cyclists and non-cyclists alike. We also wanted to make the activities fun, as well as trying to raise as much money as possible for the Alzheimer’s Society.

We kicked off our series of events with a Midlands bike ride, the ride saw over twenty staff and family and friends cycle over 40 miles from Atherstone in the West Midlands to Trent Lock in the East Midlands. We raised lots of money through sponsorship but the ride also turned out to be a great way of bringing staff together from across the Midlands. We had staff from both the Nottingham and Birmingham office take part and it was great to see people who had never met work together to tackle this test of endurance as a team.

For those who aren’t so keen on outdoor cycling, we’ve organised a ‘Tour de East Midlands’ static bike challenge. As the name of the event suggests, teams will be cycling virtually to major landmarks across the East Midlands. Not everyone wants to get on a bike so we also organised the Director office bake-off. The event was tied into the Alzheimer’s Society cupcake day but we turned it on its head by getting the Directors in the office to bake the cakes with staff doing the judging, a chance for them to get their own back on us!

Alongside taking part in office organised events, I’m really proud of my teams for giving up their free time to organise and take part in their own individual challenges. Our project management team organised a walk to work day where they abandoned their usual modes of transport and walked 10k, if that wasn’t bad enough they then had to do a full day’s work once they had reached the office, that’s dedication. 

I’m also doing my bit to raise money for this great cause. I took part in the Midlands bike ride and after being bitten by the cycling bug, I’ve organised for me and three of my fellow Directors from the Nottingham office, Tom Wallbank, Kieran Mulhern and Andrew Prickett, to do the ‘Way of the Roses’ coast to coast bike ride. This epic 170-mile bike ride will take place over two days, the 22nd and 23rd September, and will see us cycle from Morecombe on the North West Coast of the UK to Bridlington in the East. It’s a challenging ride in itself but what makes it all the more daunting is that all of us taking part have only recently taken up cycling, so it should make for an interesting two days!

My personal assistant Rachel Stringfellow has been fundamental in driving the Nottingham 704SE7ENTY campaign as the Alzheimer’s Society is a charity really close to her heart. Rachel commented: “The Alzheimer’s Society is a charity close to my heart as my grandad suffers from dementia, it’s been awful having to watch him change from someone who used to look after me when I was a little girl to someone who gets easily confused and agitated and needs care and support in performing daily routine tasks.”

She added “As well as raising much needed money for the charity, our campaign is helping to raise awareness of dementia and the Alzheimer’s Society which, compared to other national charities, I don’t think gets the coverage it deserves. I already dedicate some of my free time to a charity that support my grandad called Contact the Elderly, they combat loneliness and social isolation by organising monthly tea parties for groups of older people aged 75 or over, as soon as I heard that Faithful+Gould was running the 704SE7ENTY campaign I volunteered to help out with this too. I’m really pleased I’m able to give back through supporting such a great cause.”

You can find out more about Faithful+Gould’s 704SE7ENTY campaign here

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