Secondment vs Temporary Recruitment - how Faithful+Gould can help

Christopher Chewter
Faithful+Gould has assisted many clients with unexpected, and usually short to mid-term resourcing issues, by seconding staff into their business to help fill skill and experience gaps.

On behalf of Faithful+Gould’s Oxford office I have taken on the role of a secondee and I have also assisted clients to select building surveyors to undertake secondment placements. This has enabled me to gain first-hand experience of how seconding staff into a client business can provide a successful alternative to the client, rather than employing a temporary staff member.

What is a secondment for Faithful+Gould?

What do we mean by secondment? Different countries and organisations refer to secondments as different things. At Faithful+Gould a secondment is where one organisation lends out an employee for a set contract period to work within the client organisation. The client organisation then uses that employee as their own.

So why do this? Normally the situation arises when additional resource is needed for a set length of time usually as a result of a temporary increase in work or a lack of capacity within the client's existing teams.

What about agency surveyors?

So why can’t a client simply employ a temp or agency surveyor? The main problem with this is recruitment agents are not normally able to differentiate between different types of surveyors and can sometimes put forward inappropriate staff who may not be suitable for a particular role. Secondments alleviate this issue as the consultant organisation will have a clear understanding of their client’s needs, they can therefore carefully select the best surveyor to undertake the role.

The benefits of secondment

When Faithful+Gould is approached by an organisation to provide a secondee surveyor, the proposed surveyor is selected due to their skills and experience as well as their ability to adapt, change and fit into their temporary team quickly. As a result, it limits client’s loss of productivity time which would have been caused trying to recruit and therefore potentially missing deadlines.

Additionally, because the seconded employee is representing the capabilities and skills of Faithful+Gould, they are normally very experienced individuals. As a result, clients are normally pleased with the professionalism and ability exhibited by these surveyors coming into the organisation.

A secondee can assist clients by bringing new skills and techniques into the client organisation. This can be through new ways of working, access to new consultants, and the ability to share their knowledge within the client organisation which can help improve existing service delivery. An open-minded client can then use this information to challenge, test and improve existing policies and processes to benefit the future delivery of their teams.

Whilst temporary staff can be obtained by other procurement routes, this can lead to mis-allocated individuals. Traditional temporary staff can result in a greater risk of the unknown. Approaching a consultant for a surveyor secondment can provide you with the temporary staff required, who are right for the job, capable, professional and flexible.



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