Senior Carbon Management Consultant Joins Sustainability Team

Dale Potts
Ellie Cooper has joined Faithful+Gould as Senior Carbon Management Consultant.

Ellie Cooper

Ellie is responsible for offering clients support in the design, development and management of buildings to ensure optimum energy performance, and advises on methods of carbon management to keep energy costs and carbon emissions down.

Ellie chose a degree in psychology and environmental management which explored the policy, economics and politics around sustainability and environmental issues. Ellie explains: "As soon as I started the course it was obvious that it was something that I wanted a career in because I found it so topical and interesting."

From university, Ellie worked in water resource management for the Environment Agency, then moved to a private sector company specialising in sustainable energy in housing before joining Faithful+Gould.

Although Ellie is not from Faithful+Gould's traditional core background of quantity surveying and project management, carbon and sustainability issues have led to the company providing an integrated service for clients via a carbon management team. The team supports all areas of the business as well as providing specialist services linked to existing projects.

Ellie continues: "Predominantly, I worked with local authorities, housing associations and also the local government. My work has been heavily involved with energy efficiency in the existing housing stock, managing strategic Government support programmes around how to achieve CO2 reduction in housing. I wanted to broaden my experience beyond housing and work on a wider remit, including carbon management in other sectors. Faithful+Gould has given me the opportunity to really develop this role, taking it into a direction that suits my ambitions within the realms of the business, which I find extremely motivating."

Aside from her degree and an NVQ in energy awareness, Ellie's training has mainly been work based and a keenness to be involved in the sector has spurred her on to succeed: "I certainly think that I’ve got a direct interest in environmental issues and I find that other individuals in a similar line of work have a similar passion. However, where once there was only the odd passionate environmentalist, there is now a large number of commercially minded individuals saying ‘look, this is a really serious issue and it makes business sense to do something about carbon emissions".

"Carbon management has direct synergies with our existing business and we need to be here so that we can advise our clients on what they need to do and help make sense of the increasing raft of carbon focused legislation. Sustainability has, for so long, been added on to projects or been included as a token gesture. We’re keen to ensure that carbon management is part of every day business processes so that clients can maximise the benefits and opportunities.

"It's no longer just about being seen to be doing something; it's starting to be recognised as making good business sense. With our understanding of the issues and opportunities and market within which we already operate, the team offers a quality service to clients.

"The sector is growing rapidly and there is potential to develop the business in so many areas. Legislation is the driving force at the moment and upfront capital cost and short term payback is still often the deciding factors; however attitudes are changing.

"Because of this, I am being given the opportunity to be part of change on a global scale. It is an exciting place to be and I love the challenge to make a real success of it. I relish the fact that I’m working in a big organisation after coming from a small company background. Being able to have such a dynamic role doing something you really love is very satisfying."