Snow White and the Seven Stakeholders – Podcast Episode 2: In a land far, far away Pt 1

Alexander Catmur
In Episode 2 we discuss Snow White's benefits case for the modernisation project for the cottage. We also meet three of Snow's seven stakeholders; The Luddite, The Digital Native, The Sceptic and we explore their reactions to Snow's proposal and the impact their reactions will have on the change process for the modernisation project.

Once upon a time, Snow White decided to modernise her cottage, but it isn't just her cottage. As you will remember, Snow lives with seven people, all of whom will respond to the modernisation project in different ways. People are, by their nature, complex and complicated, however, if Snow solves the people challenge, her modernisation project will be successful. To do this, she will need to use a range of approaches to convince the seven stakeholders and bring them on board.

Using the well-known fairy tale as an allegory, 'Snow White and the Seven Stakeholders' will: 

  • Frame the business transformation challenges facing organisations in the construction industry trying to harness digital ways of delivering services.
  • Explore the personas of the seven stakeholders, their reactions to the prospect of change and the impact these reactions have on transformation programmes. -
  • Introduce engagement strategies that can be used to help engage the different personas to successfully deliver digital transformation in your organisation.

A fun and interactive podcast series, 'Snow White and the Seven Stakeholders' will give you a practical insight into how to plan, engage and implement successful digital transformation.

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