Success on the Accent Housing Development & Growth Panel for Faithful+Gould

Kristina Jakimova
We have been appointed to provide Employer’s Agent/Clerk of Works services across North, East and South to assist Accent with the development of more than 2,000 new social homes over the next four years.

Accent Housing is a housing association that has been active since 1966. They own and manage 20,000+ homes spread over the North, East and South of the country. As part of their strategic objective to develop social housing, Accent has worked with Procurement Hub to procure a four-year contract to help with the delivery of more than 500 new homes a year.

“We are pleased to be working with Faithful+Gould” says Accent’s Senior Development Project Manager Chris Smith. “They hold a long standing and well respected position in the sector and I am confident that their appointment to the development and growth panel will not only help us realise our ambitions to build 500 quality and affordable new homes each year, but will set new high standards of quality and innovation for all housing providers’ future development.” 

 At Faithful+Gould we have been actively working in the residential sector for over 25 years, Our success on this framework will allow us to utilise our extensive market knowledge to help Accent to realise their objectives. Along with other service providers on the Consultant Panel we will work with Accent to develop and grow a range of their home offering, including but not limited to: affordable rent, social rent, shared ownership and rent to buy and many more.

 One of the goals is to not only tackle the affordable housing shortage in the country but also to support the UK Government’s 2050 net-zero carbon agenda. Our team at Faithful+Gould recognises the importance of embedding net-zero principles in the construction industry and we are actively working towards a more sustainable future.

 We have previous experiences as lead technical authors of RICS guidance on embodied carbon calculation and as a research and delivery partner with Homes England on the use of modern methods of construction within the sector. We believe that our knowledge, experience and expertise will have a positive impact when assisting Accent with their new homes development.

 Susan Rugg, Framework Director for Accent Development & Growth Panel and Regional Head of Housing says:

"Our appointment on the Consultant Panel is our testament to a far more promising and sustainable future in the housing sector for young generations to come. We’re delighted to be working with Accent Housing and assisting them with their remarkable objectives that will shape the affordability and quality standards for other housing providers. This is a step towards a successful change and we’re proud to be part of this transformation."

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