Sustainable Ship Sails to Cardiff Bay

Dale Potts
Faithful+Gould's Cardiff office is proud sponsor of a sustainable cargo ship, which recently sailed from Norway to Cardiff Bay.

Tres Hombres sustainable ship

In keeping with our focus on sustainability and carbon neutrality, our Cardiff office sponsored a carbon neutral cargo ship which sailed to Cardiff Bay from Norway.

Named the Tres Hombres, the ship traced the route taken by the Vikings, reviving the tradition of Norwegian sailing boats bringing pit props for the mines of South Wales.

The sustainable ship was contracted by Hordaland County Council, Cardiff's Norwegian partner region, to deliver food and drink for the Cardiff International Food Festival. It also brought timber donated by Hordaland County, which will be used for improvement works to the historic Norwegian Church Arts Centre on Cardiff Bay.

Having worked closely with Cardiff City Council for some time, Mark Bugler and Tina Hatton-Evans, regional directors, were keen to support the initiative. On board the ship they met representatives from the organisation Heritage Afloat. The captain and crew were also on hand to explain the various ways in which the ship is able to support sustainable initiatives across the globe.

Tina Hatton Evans comments:

"Faithful+Gould has been in Cardiff, a city with a great maritime history, for 34 years. It was very exciting to see the Tres Hombres moored in Cardiff Bay. We were keen to support this admirable initiative and continue to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and to our local community."

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