#takeamoment and don’t miss this opportunity!

Eve Mallon
As we find ourselves amidst unprecedent times it is important that we #takeamoment to focus on the positives of the current situation. A common phrase we all use is 'there aren't enough hours in the day' - well now there are, so how can we make the most of it?

Here are some of the themes that our teams are focusing upon:

Project Housekeeping

Consider the tasks that that are often viewed as ‘non-critical’ activities that can build up. They are actually the golden thread of a good project set up. Take this time to review project processes and look for opportunities to proactively streamline these. For example, can contract admin be managed in a way to allow you to work smarter? Can key project documents such as PEP's, reports etc be streamlined and reduced in size? Make life better and more efficient for your projects.

Project Health Checks

Undertake these with your project teams. A quick sense check is never a bad thing. This will help stand projects and businesses in good stead for when we hit the ground running in the months to come.

Virtual Workshops

This is a good time to have the discussions we never get around to having. We are running workshops to discuss lessons learned on projects and processes and using this time for Learning & Development to improve our projects and our services.

Virtual Coffees

With technology now like Microsoft Teams, video calls have never been more accepted or more natural. We are using this time to contact our network (internally and externally) and have a virtual coffee. It’s not all about work all of the time, this simple action is great for our health and wellbeing.

Considering new ways of working

Lockdown has shown that we can adapt to new ways of working when faced with no other choice. We are considering the benefits this brings and looking to see how we could build this in to our day to day lives when normality eventually resumes. This lockdown has demonstrated that not all meetings need to be face to face and can be more productive and efficient when hosted virtually. That is time we are winning back and our goal will be to work with colleagues and clients to put it to great use.

Plan a strategy for getting back on track post lockdown

Eventually sites will slowly start to open and social distancing will one day be a thing of the past; however this will not simply happen overnight. We are working with our clients to consider how their projects and business will readjust to normal life and the changing attitudes of it’s employees and clients. Going back to the ‘old ways’ will not necessarily improve things so take the time to look at what is working well during this period and consider how this can be adapted into daily practice when we resume.

Review business continuity plans

Organisations had these in place prior to Covid-19 but in reality, did the theory work in practice? More likely the organisation adapted on a daily basis. We should take a moment now to review what worked well and what we can now do better. Extreme situations like this do not come along often, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for it and futureproof the way we all work.

So here at Faithful+Gould we are taking this time as an opportunity to step back – to #takeamoment. We are embracing this situation and taking the opportunity to reconnect with those that are important to us. We are looking at our own core values and reminding ourselves why we do them and how we can always improve.

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