What's it like working with Faithful+Gould?

Holly  Kerr
We sat down with Kevin Harris to discuss his work at West Sussex County Council and his first couple of months with Faithful+Gould. Kevin joined us in September 2018, as part of our London Building Surveying Team.

Holly Kerr: Hi Kevin, thanks for taking the time to sit down and have a chat today.

Kevin Harris: Very happy to do so.

HK: So, first things first, can you give us a bit of background? Tell us about yourself and your career so far?

KH: I studied Business Studies at college and once I left school, I started working for my Dad’s construction maintenance firm, eventually becoming a director. It’s been in the family for two generations before me – my Grandad founded it! Whilst I was there, I studied on day release at Southampton Solent University for a HNC in Quantity Surveying. After that, I got a role as a Building Surveyor for Worthing Homes. Whilst I was there, I also completed a degree in Building Surveying through distance learning and then one day at an event, I met Chris Barnard from our London Building Surveying Team and we got chatting.

One of the key reasons I moved to Faithful+Gould were the people. 

HK: How did you find out about Faithful+Gould and why did you move over to us?

KH: Through speaking to Chris at the event – he was telling me about some of the exciting opportunities Faithful+Gould were currently involved with. One of the key reasons I moved to Faithful+Gould were the people. Everyone I met in interviews and around the office were like-minded people. They had the same positive attitudes and a joined-up approach towards work. There are also huge opportunities available at Faithful+Gould. As we have offices and projects all over the UK and the world – the possibilities are endless! I was also really impressed with the APC support programme offered by Faithful+Gould – I’ve just started.

HK: What makes you smile?

KH: My kids and spending time with my family but also playing golf (without my family!)

HK: What do you enjoy about working at Faithful+Gould?

KH: I learn from colleagues every day. They have such a rich range of qualifications and experiences, it’s wonderful to be able tap in to the breadth of knowledge and expertise from those around me. I am currently working on the MDC framework at West Sussex County Council. I enjoy this for several reasons. I have a really short commute, which means I can spend time with my young family. I am also involved with an exciting project and I enjoy working closely with the client every day. I was lucky enough to get involved with West Sussex at the beginning of the framework, which means I have been able to help forge a strong relationship with the client – something I hope to continue building on as the framework progresses.

 There are also huge opportunities available at Faithful+Gould. 

HK: What keeps you awake at night?

KH: My kids! I have two young children – so they literally keep awake!

HK: What would you say to others to encourage them to work outside of London?

KH: I would say that working with other regions is wonderful! I’ve already worked in the Southampton and London office, with colleagues in our Epsom, Tunbridge Wells Faithful+Gould offices, as well as with colleagues from Atkins. For my current project, I enjoy being outside of London, as I get to enjoy a lovely seafront with great views and in an area full of history. I have the opportunity to work on a huge variety of interesting projects: fire stations, schools, libraries and listed buildings.

HK: What’s your biggest lesson learnt since joining Faithful+Gould?

KH: I’ve learnt so much already, but I am always learning something new, every single day. I think I’ve learnt I need to always be open to absorbing new information.

But my main lesson learnt is not to go in to West Sussex on a Monday, as it’s freezing! I think the radiators need until Tuesday to really warm up again!!


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