8th March 2016 08:30 to 18:00

BECSPL Response Planning Workshop: Project Management and Quantity Surveying

Faithful+Gould, Broadgate House, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2HF

About the event

The aim of this workshop is to obtain content in response to the tender question 2.5.1: "How will you add value to the service provision for each of the 10 core services detailed in Schedule 9 of the Framework Agreement to provide additional benefits to Authorities? Proposed additional schedule items for each core service and the benefits. Additional services proposed are to be provided within the tendered fee for each core service and will be included in the service schedules."

Attendees need to be at technical / ops / project director level with a knowledge of: clients’ needs and challenges; the specified service across their business from an operational and BD perspective; engagement and delivery process, systems and behaviours; their businesses’ new / innovative ways of working, systems, processes, products, services, behaviours etc. that enable them to address their clients challenges and to deliver on their client’s strategy for that service or a multidisciplinary service; case studies and examples; their products and services that add value to clients and enhance Scape procure; authority to offer and agree to things; authority to discuss IPR.


BE. CSPL Introduction 
Scape briefing – the prize, Scape requirement, client needs, win themes 

Share ideas – in Scape engagement and delivery process format
Memory Channel 1 – generate new ideas
Work through the ideas and get all the details we need
Allocate actions to get the details e.g. stats and examples and agree info

Time dependent:
Develop the skeleton of the service engagement / delivery gateway process
1-to-1 time - discussing IPR

What to expect

Please read the briefing note and the Schedule 9 relating to the core service workshop you are attending. Hold an internal workshop in your business with the right people a few days before the workshops we have scheduled.

Think about a £350m contract that could be worth £50m+ to you. What would you include / do differently and what do you include that is nominally free or actually free. What would differentiate Scape’s framework, benefit clients and keep competitors out.

Arrive with 5 to 10 ideas already input into the answer planning format.

Limited site parking is available. The closest train station is Beeston Station. If you have any dietary requirements please contact Michaela (event organiser) via her profile below.




Faithful+Gould, Broadgate House, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2HF

Event organiser

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