3rd October 2018 10:00

Modern Methods of Construction Workshop

Ansty Park, Coventry, CV7 9JU

About the event

UK Construction Sector productivity lags behind other sectors. The numbers of skilled construction operatives is also in decline, which together will create a future landscape of inflated building costs, delayed asset delivery and increased cost of ownership.

To mitigate these impacts The UK Central Government have launched a new 10 year asset delivery / operation efficiency programme. The Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP) programme aims to drive increased value from assets through the support and development of new digital ways of working and modern methods of construction in support of the Industrial Strategy for Construction – Construction 2025 with asset delivery and operation targets of 50% quicker, 33% cheaper and 50% more efficient.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and the concept of componentised and standard platform approaches to design and build, bring manufacturing levels of efficiency to construction. They are being successfully developed and trialled at the moment and this workshop seeks to share current thinking, learning and explore if such an approach could drive cost out of asset delivery, and how this might be achieved through client sector collaboration, while increasing delivery certainty, product quality and operational outcomes.

The Workshop

This Faithful+Gould Modern Methods of Construction Workshop brings together our own and industry experts, sector clients and asset developers, to share current thinking, capability, lessons learned and client challenges in driving better outcomes in the delivery and operation of assets.

Speakers include:

Alex Lubbock - UK Government Cabinet Office IPA Head of Digital Construction

Jamie Johnson - Brydon Wood Subject Matter Expert

Terry Stocks - Faithful+Gould Director and Director at the Cambridge University Centre for Digital Built Britain

Susan Hone-Brookes - MTC Chief Engineer





1.0 Welcome and Introduction

2.0 MTC overview

3.0 UK Govt – Transforming Infrastructure Performance construction efficiency programme

4.0 Digital Construction Overview and Industry Maturity(BIM, Digital Asset Management (DAM)

5.0 Implementing MMC Standard Platforms (Shared cost, Late stage customisation, Current Trials / Projects)

6.0 Lunch (30 mins)

7.0 Client Discussion: (40 mins)

7.1 Could an MMC approach deliver for you?

7.2 Could clients work together to share
standard platform /element designs?

8.0 Discussion feedback / any next steps

9.0 Close

10.0 Optional Guided Tour of MTC innovation Workshop



Ansty Park, Coventry, CV7 9JU

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