Banking Data Centre

Faithful+Gould achieved the Clients’ vision on the provision of a second data centre at a single location in Eastern Scotland. The first centre was constructed approximately five years ago and a third centre is planned for the near future. Faithful+Gould is involved on all three projects providing strategic pre contract cost advice, total Project Management and CDM Co-ordinator services. From a robust benchmarked budget and based on initial design information, the project was delivered on budget and to the required timescales.  Key aspects of the scheme include:

  • Gross internal floor area – 75,000 sq ft
  • Data hall floor area – 20,000 sq ft
  • Electrical loading – 1,500W/m²
  • Resilience – N+1
  • Chilled water cooled cabinets
  • Minimal interference with existing building
  • 350,000l diesel storage to provide 14 days’ supply for generators
  • Fully integrated internal and external security system
  • Dry, pre-action, high pressure, sprinkle mist fire suppression system to key areas, including the data hall
  • R717 ammonia refrigerant chiller plant utilising free cooling techniques.
  • Sealed building envelope

The project included a complex design with a barrel vaulted roof and fully integrated syphonic chillers with ammonia refrigerant. The Clients’ brief changed dramatically midstream due to significantly increased security measures and the acquisition of another business. Faithful+Gould also faced the task of linking the new data centre to an existing by introduction of a new duct system along with a number of temporary security measures having to be created during changeover to safeguard client operations. Quality issues were another factor with the client requiring removal and reinstatement of a number of programmed activities throughout the project term. Faithful+Gould’s ability to integrate and manage the change process resulted in the project being delivered successfully and within the timescales required. This has been acknowledged by the Client in awarding Faithful+Gould its next data centre which is currently in the design process.

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