University of Birmingham Elgar Court Student Residences

Faithful+Gould managed construction of this 236 bedroomed student residence. We managed an intensive 3 year pre-construction phase, during which we gained Conservation Area Committee and Planning Consent after an intensive public consultation exercise. Building began on site in July 2002. The 1st phase of a major redevelopment of the Vale site, Elgar Court sets the standard for accommodation provided for students on this, the main University accommodation site.

An existing student accommodation facility was demolished to make way for Elgar Court. After a 49 week construction period, Faithful+Gould delivered the facility, fully fitted-out, for intake of students for the 2003/2004 academic year. The project used prefabricated methods of construction, and a partnering approach to procurement. This ensured that buying gain was split equally and risk correctly apportioned between the managing parties.

We enhanced elevational treatment to deal with conservation restrictions and to ensure a sustainable and low maintenance facility for the University. To achieve budget on this project, we sourced the most efficient method of powering the site and facilities. Initial exercises looked at: Peak demand, diversification, power outage scenarios, whole life costs, specific water tariffs and flat metering and storage requirements.

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