The Boiler Shop

The Boiler Shop, located within the Stephenson Quarter in Newcastle City Centre, is an 1820s-constructed, Grade II listed building.  It contains two main spaces; a large open plan space on the ground floor and a small mezzanine, overlooking the open plan area.  In recent years, it has been used as a space for cultural gatherings, attracting up to 3,000 people to its food and music events.

The client was keen to refurbish the Boiler Shop to improve its appeal as a location for events, ranging from corporate functions to live music.  We were appointed to project manage and cost manage the refurbishment.

Careful and ongoing dialogue with the Listed Building Officer was key to ensuring the completed building was conserved in a manner befitting its past.  During its nine-month refurbishment, the client was pleased to find some hidden mechanical workings in the existing floor, used in the building's past locomotive works.  We retained the workings and provided glazed panels above them, which visitors can walk on.  The panels are complemented with new lighting so the workings are brought to light and can be viewed in exquisite detail.

This and the full refurbishment was achieved by working closely with the designers and contractors to retain and restore the exceptional architecture and history apparent in the building, whilst making it fit-for-purpose.  The result is an awe-inspiring building full of character and rugged charm. 

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