BREEAM Man02 Life Cycle Costing Services

The Strategic Asset Management team delivered BREEAM Man02 Life Cycle Costing (LCC) Services to Argent for the construction of Plot Q1 - a three storey commercial development within the Kings Cross development and regeneration project; one of the largest developments in central London being planned, managed and delivered by Argent.

This is to provide Argent with four credits to help achieve a BREEAM Outstanding rating for Plot Q1.

To realise three BREEAM Man02 Credits at RIBA Stage 2, we worked closely with the project team that included Faithful+Gould (Cost Consultants), Coffey Architects (Architects) and E3 Consulting (Mechanical and Electrical Consultants) to provide a detailed Elemental LCC plan to derive life cycle replacement costs for the building design/specification and benchmark maintenance and operations costs for a period of 60 years.

These findings enabled Coffey Architects and E3 Consulting to identify several items to review as part of the next stage design development, to influence the buildings and systems designs / specifications, and hence, minimise future life cycle costs and maximise critical values for Argent. They considered several more durable elements including:

• Sustainable and longer life material for the roof coverings and Façade;
• LED light fittings resulting in fewer replacements and lower life cycle costs

We continue to work with Argent and the project team to achieve the final BREEAM Man02 credit through Component Level Life Cycle Cost Option Appraisals that analyse life cycle cost significant options for the applicable envelope, services, finishes and external spaces.

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