Carnival Residential Apartments, Wokingham Borough Council

The multi-million pound Carnival complex is the last phase of Wokingham Borough Council’s ambitious town centre regeneration. This 55-unit modular apartment building is part of a wider site development where we are also supporting on the delivery of the adjacent leisure centre and library. Faithful+Gould is providing full multi-disciplinary services including project management, cost consultant and design services for all three projects.

Built on the site of an office building and bowling alley, the apartment block was required to be completed to coincide with the opening of the new leisure centre but would be constructed by a different contractor.  We carried out extensive work into phasing and procurement options, which took into account the limited site access, restricted working area, and the specialist nature of construction required.  We employed the same design team working on the leisure centre project, to ensure continuity and consistency across the wider development.  The design team were fully vetted as part of our supply chain management processes. 

Faithful+Gould is a trusted partner of Wokingham Borough Council, having delivered a number of successful projects in the previous five years.  We were challenged to provide a solution for developing the wider site in a way that would deliver the best quality buildings for the Council.  We did this by phasing works on site and having different specialist contractors working on the different buildings.  

Due to the site access and size constraints, our design team were tasked with developing a RIBA Stage 3 tender package which could be priced by either traditional contractors, or those who specialise in offsite manufactured solutions.  This ensured that we were able to prove value for money and buildability with the successful contractor.  The contract was ultimately awarded to a contractor who proposed to use an offsite concrete panelled solution, which would ensure that the structure of the building was erected in a ten week period, thereby reducing the site time. 

This project is the first opportunity the Council have had to directly compare tenders from traditional contractors, and those who proposed off-site solutions.  Our ability to drive the design team to develop a tender that could accommodate this was a significant part of the success of this process.  The project is forecast to complete at the same time the adjacent Leisure Centre opens, and the contractor has also been able to shorten the construction period on site, thereby giving the adjacent contractor the benefit of a shorter period of disruption.  

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