Collaborative Teaching Laboratory, University of Birmingham

The Collaborative Teaching Laboratory (CTL) is a new £40m teaching laboratory based at the University of Birmingham’s Edgbaston Campus and is designed to change the way students study STEM subjects.

The CTL replaces traditional, discipline-specific labs, and will allow for a range of innovative teaching methods to be used. It also promotes a collaborative working ethos in a traditionally siloed field and provides shared facilities for a whole variety of science and research disciplines. This has been achieved in the form of three giant labs that form the bulk of the new building, these flexible teaching environments can be adapted to teach a wide variety of subjects and class sizes.

The collaborative ethos promoted by the lab design will also prepare students for future professions by reflecting the multifaceted nature of working life.

In addition to transforming practical teaching, the CTL provides a visually stimulating and interactive environment in which to showcase science and STEM subjects to a wider audience. It provides a flexible space for outreach and business engagement activities, open days, events and Continuing Professional Development.

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