Dinton Activity Centre

Located in Wokingham Borough, Dinton Activity Centre offers both water and land based adventurous activities to local and neighbouring residents, giving them a chance to get fit and active in the countryside. This is the borough's first operationally net zero asset following the council's announcement that they had set themselves the goal of achieving NZC by 2030. Various sustainability methods were implemented, including modern methods of construction (MMC) which significantly reduced carbon emissions during the construction process.

Faithful+Gould was appointed to provide Cost Management and CDM services and heavily supported the net zero carbon agenda. It was revealed that just 11% of project cost was on green measures, with this heightened by the bespoke nature of the scheme. The team calculated that savings made during the scheme and on energy cost will pay back the 11% project cost in under 15 years. Sustainable interventions put in place include:

  • Upgrade electricity supply to accommodate the move away from fossil fuels towards full electrification
  • PV panels (circa 300 m2) mounted on both the roof of the new building and also car ports in the car park, designed and built specifically to mount the PV panels
  • Air source heat pump
  • Energy usage monitoring system to demonstrate that the operational energy is at least matched by the energy generated.

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