Dog Rescue and Welfare Centre, Birmingham Dogs Home

Birmingham Dogs’ Home is a leading animal welfare charity which has served the West Midlands region since 1892. It provides ongoing care for lost and abandoned dogs until they can be reunited with their owners or suitably rehomed within the community. The charity receives stray dogs from eight local authorities and, after a statutory seven-day period, accepts ownership of all animals within its care.

The new £6.1m single storey rehoming centre provides 128 kennels, a veterinary suite, office facilities, community meeting rooms, external exercise areas, car parking and accommodation for the centre manager. Set within a false cutting so that it sits low within the landscape, the visual relationship between ground and sky, as defined by existing landscape features, remaining unaltered. Effective visual concealment is also provided by existing woodland, infrastructure planting and subtle ground modelling around the perimeter of the building. The roof planes are gently pitched to establish a formal relationship between the roof and the ground plane, ensuring a seamless transition between building and landscape, strengthened by the semi-intensive green roof which incorporates native grass and wildflower species.

The design of the building and surrounding landscape reflects best-practice in animal welfare provision and demonstrates an exemplar approach to environmental design. To provide the best possible environment for the dogs, the completed building has four kennel blocks arranged in a linear circulation spine ensuring optimum layout, reducing stress related barking and aggressive behaviour. Two dedicated external enrichment areas provide a safe and stimulating environment for dogs to exercise in. These spaces include different surfacing materials such as sand and tarmac, play tunnels and suitable forms of planting.

Delivering cost management and CDMC services, our involvement in this innovative project is another example of Faithful+Gould’s breadth of experience.

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