Evelyn Grace Temporary Academy

Building Schools for the Future: The London Borough of Lambeth and Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) had agreed in the autumn of 2007 to build a temporary facility to house a maximum of 180 pupils from the Evelyn Grace Academy whilst their permanent site was constructed. The facilities had to be ready for handover to ARK by 31 July 2008. Our role was to act as project manager, co-ordinating input from stakeholders into the design development and construction processes, and also to provide pre-contract cost management services and CDMC throughout the life of the project. The contractor was appointed in January 2008, allowing a maximum period of 6½ months for design, planning approvals, and construction.

The design brief was unclear at the start of the design phase, resulting in an intensive approach to the design. Faithful+Gould was critical to the management of this process, and undertook the lead role in managing the expectations of the stakeholders, whilst ensuring the process was completed within its restricted timeframe. Activity during the design period was critical to the success of this project, due to the dual nature of the development - differing short term requirements from ARK and the longer term requirements from Lambeth. The construction methodology used was innovative and modern; off-site manufacture of panels, with a timber and light-weight steel frame constructed on-site. This has produced a building that, whilst designated a temporary structure, has the external and internal appearance of a permanent structure.

The concrete slab was retained from the previous building on site, removing the need for substructure works, and providing a significant saving in both time and cost. Evelyn Grace Temporary Academy was delivered on time and on budget with all stakeholders' expectations exceeded. The majority of the completed building has an anticipated lifespan of 25 years, and has been delivered for the same cost as a temporary modular version of the same size.

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