Greater Nottingham LIFT

The Greater Nottingham Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) is an initial 10 year development programme. Faithful+Gould is appointed as a technical advisor to the Nottinghamshire PCTs and other public bodies of this partnership. We provide a range of support services, from inception in 2003, through the first tranche of financial close arrangements in 2005 and then continuing technical and financial support on the further tranches. Our role has also been extended to provide services for commissioning, forward budgeting, building monitoring and facilities and operational management support. We are providing the technical advice on this commission including but not limited to Project Management, Life Cycle Costing and Facilities Management.

Applying programme management techniques, gaining a thorough understanding of the project objective and the interdependencies between the many stakeholders and ensuring effective co-ordination of the project(s). Ensuring effective governance of the project; accountability and responsibilities. Ensuring a thorough understanding of the long term strategic goals of the stakeholders. Ensuring good project management skills are applied to the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholder leads, the organisational structure and reporting processes to deliver the required outcome.

The Challenge: The learning curve for a new form of procurement. Advising our client appropriately and reviewing as the process developed, working with multiple stakeholders.

To date ten buildings have been completed from 1000m2 to 8000m2. The buildings are Joint Access Centres providing Health and Social Services Centres to the community. Future Projects: Three Schemes are currently going through the initial stages of design and approval leading to financial close in early 2009. The initial development programme is for 10 years with a lease term of 25 years.

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