ITER - Fusion Reactor

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) is the world’s latest experimental nuclear fusion reactor in southern France which aims to deliver nuclear fusion on a commercial scale offering safe, limitless and environmentally responsible energy. The project will bring together the world's largest nations in a quest for sustainable nuclear energy. The European contribution will be delivered through the European Domestic Agency, Fusion for Energy (F4E), which will oversee the design and construction of 39 buildings and areas that make up ITER's Cadarache complex in southern France.

Our role is to provide support to the Atkins team which is one of the four engineering companies that make up the Engage consortium. Engage is the architect / engineer responsible for the infrastructure, buildings and building services. The whole project has an approximate value of €1 billion. Our win on the groundbreaking project is testament to the expertise we can provide in a technically challenging build. In collaboration with the Atkins team and partners, we will be delivering contract and commercial management services, drawing on our international knowledge and expertise, to bring added value to the project delivery. The technical challenge allows us to bring a plethora of expertise to the project which will be overseeing many aspects from cost estimation to risk management; both of which are vital towards the success of the ITER fusion reactor.

This exciting project is ongoing and we are continuing to play an important part in driving it towards a successful completion.

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