King Edward VI Sixth Form

This imaginative redevelopment project in Morpeth, Northumberland has transformed a run-down sixth-form block into a state-of-the-art Advanced Study Centre offering post-16 year old students an inspiring learning environment, whilst facilitating collaborative study and preparing them for university. An in-depth consultation process involving staff and students has resulted in a building surpassing the School's expectations.

The existing two-storey concrete-framed block with tired interiors, suffered from overcrowding and overheating. The School's brief was to create a comfortable environment to encourage students to study independently and in small groups, supporting their A-levels and providing a bridge to university education.

The new extensions, which we provided project management, cost management and CDMC services for, have helped to transform this part of the school campus. A key design feature of the interiors is transparency, and all student areas are discretely visible from staff offices. This passive surveillance helps to prevent misuse.

This project's success stems from providing maximum value for the client's budget, whilst meeting their brief, and surpassing their expectations. This was enabled through close collaboration by the project team, and in-depth consultation with the school community.

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