Major Oil Company - Masterplan Solution

Faithful+Gould was involved in a commission with a major oil company for the development of a masterplan solution for new office and residential facilities in Nigeria. These facilities, split between two geographical locations, were required to support the ongoing presence of this company in Nigeria and their oil exploration and production activities.

The masterplan comprised five separate projects, with a combined value in excess of $1 billion. We were commissioned along with another third party multi-disciplinary design consultant to establish a dedicated project office, which at one time comprised approximately 100 personnel. Our specific role was to act as the client’s programme management team, with direct responsibility for managing the multi-disciplinary design consultant. In this role, we were interfacing with a client organisation and wider project team with representatives and project stakeholders spread across three continents and two time zones.

The remit of the Faithful+Gould appointment was to:

  • Assist the client in developing a detailed brief for each of the five separate projects forming part of the proposed masterplan
  • Conduct an option appraisal exercise to identify a preferred option for each of the five projects
  • Develop designs in accordance with the client’s design standards and policies for office and residential facilities
  • Carry out all project related activities in full compliance with the client’s rigorous project delivery system and associated gateway process
  • To ultimately migrate responsibility for the projects from a London based project office and design team to local teams in Nigeria, prior to commencement of detailed design

The delivery of these projects involved embracing the client’s new agile working principles. In order to fully understand how to apply these principles, our project team worked closely with the client’s ‘Centre of Expertise’ department, who were responsible for developing the underlying policies and standards. As options for the projects were progressively developed these were shared with both the client’s project execution manager and the in-country steering committee, representing the end users and other project stakeholders, for review and comment. Their input ultimately allowed the number of design options to be reduced and recommendation for a preferred option to be finalised. To address the requirement for staff to be moved out of existing sub standard office accommodation as soon as possible, a detailed migration strategy was developed to help the client plan and ultimately execute a series of moves for the numerous departments on site. The strategy was developed to align with the proposed phasing arrangements for the construction works. With over fifty occupied buildings accommodating over 1000 personnel from 15 different departments, this in itself was a significant undertaking.

The client gained specific benefits from our service which resulted in a 20% reduction in the number of desks originally stipulated at the oil storage and processing facility, and a 10% reduction in floor space allowed per desk in the new office space.

Faithful+Gould’s involvement with this series of projects was concluded after each of them was successfully taken to and through the formal gate review at the end of the options appraisal stage. Having secured advance funding as part of the gate approval to fund the next phase of work, taking the projects through detailed design up to and including the award of the main contracts, the responsibility for the projects were then relinquished to new project teams based in Nigeria.

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