Ministry of Justice – Unlocking Asset Intelligence

Faithful+Gould programme managed a national asset review of the custodial estate which enabled the Ministry of Justice to unlock asset intelligence for all 131 site establishments - over 7,000 buildings comprising six million maintainable assets, across England and Wales.

Key benefits achieved: Established a robust portfolio of HMPS asset base, identified risk and liabilities across entire estate, understood the condition and backlog works, target capital asset investment programmes, used data to produce life cycle for renewals, standardised how to keep assets up to date, set the rules for all future surveys and updates, established interoperable data flows – for AIM.

The outputs from this work were used to support evidence of best practice that has subsequently been used and incorporated into the BS 8544 and the RICS New Rules of Measurement 3 for maintenance and renewal works. Our team of specialist advisors led the asset review and generated the required outputs / documents. The rules set the standard for the future asset data base / surveys.

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