MODern Housing Solutions Condition Surveys

Faithful+Gould has been appointed by MoDern Housing Solutions to deliver condition surveys, asset and energy performance surveys. This follows successful delivery of full condition surveys of approximately 43,000 MoD houses. Over the next 30 months, energy surveys will be conducted on the entire MoD housing stock in England and Wales. The results will allow Defence Estates to plan strategic enhancement of its housing stock.

This project will be delivered by a team of 145 Faithful+Gould employees over 6 geographical areas throughout England and Wales. The Faithful+Gould team will be led by a project director, a project manager and 2 assistants. This group will oversee a further 5 teams, made up of a team leader, access co-ordinator, auditor, field surveyor and on-site liaison officer. Surveys are completed using our custom PDA solution. Data is electronically transmitted back to Faithful+Gould's database and validated against a set of criteria. Any incomplete data triggers a message, enabling the surveyor to investigate before leaving the property.

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