Ministry of Justice – Customisation of Service Focused Maintenance for HM Prisons

Faithful+Gould supported the customisation of the HM Prison services sector maintenance standards by facilitating structured workshops to update the task schedules (using the SFG20 core standards). Additional non tasks were compiled in conjunction with the HM Prison services facilities management team and data in Planet FME.

The key benefits realised were:

  • Base minimum standard (i.e. must do or go to jail): assure 100% compliant with legal obligations, identify mandatory requirements (must do's)

  • Fit for function standards – prison sector models: identify function critical risk based regimes, run to failure strategies for non critical assets

  • Inform the budget forecasting / life cycle costing: set and defend maintenance PPM budgets, investment triggers for asset renewals

Customisable service models have been developed by Ministry of Justice with extensive support from Faithful+Gould, as well the B&ES SFG20 technical standard team (formerly HVCA) input, to help establish the HM Prison maintenance standards, which are aligned with the new rules of measurement and the BS 8544 standards.

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