Redoubt Fortress, Eastbourne

Built in 1805 as part of the British anti-invasion strategy the Redoubt is one of the best preserved Napoleonic Garrison Forts in the UK.

Currently a military museum on the South East Coast, the Redoubt has suffered over the years and is showing more obvious signs of deterioration, not helped by severe water damage over recent years. The project was awarded a Heritage Lottery Grant to carry out key maintenance work which was assumed to be required. Faithful+Gould was appointed to complete phase 1 of the maintenance programme which included a detailed feasibility study and option appraisals on the condition of the building. We identified that the Redoubt was no longer a suitable environment for the museum.

Through our understanding of the Fortress, its history and what it is the Redoubt team want to achieve by way of preservation of this piece of history for generations to come, our heritage team took a different approach. We challenged the project from a technical perspective, thus enabling Eastbourne Borough Council to look at the building holistically and reconsider the use of the Fortress.

Consequently the Redoubt is to become the main attraction whilst proposals are being developed to build a new museum adjacent to the Fort, subject to funding. Faithful+Gould has helped the council realise the opportunity, how it can raise the Redoubt profile within the local community as well as making it a bigger tourist attraction. We are currently assisting the council with concept ideas and funding.

"The work we’ve done with Faithful+Gould has been absolutely integral to this project. Inspiration has also come from Faithful+Gould and from Richard to actually realise and for me to be able to articulate to my superiors how important this building is… Without the work we’ve done together we wouldn’t be where we are today and we certainly won’t be where we want to be in the future." Jo Seaman, Heritage Service Manager, Eastbourne Borough Council.

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