Rolls Royce Low Cost Nuclear Small Modular Reactor Programme

For a sustainable future, our world needs more low-carbon energy than ever before. The UK Low-Cost Nuclear (LCN) Small Modular Reactor (SMR) power station provides an integrated, factory-built modular solution to address the challenges of achieving a Net Zero world. It will deliver a constant (24/7) supply of clean energy to a range of UK and international consumers to meet the growing demand for carbon-free energy.

The programme is set to provide low-cost power to enable a low carbon electricity landscape and the production of carbon-free products. Power generated from UK SMR stations will provide decarbonised energy for production of synthetic aviation fuel, hydrogen and future small-scale nuclear technologies. The UK SMR can also provide a range of off-grid power applications to provide energy for industrial heat, transport and desalination.

We are providing cost and risk assurance services for this low-cost, deliverable and investible programme.

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