Scape AMS and DS Framework

We are proud to have been working with Scape since 2008.

We are approaching the final year of the four year AMSandDS framework which has been a huge success. Since our appointment in October 2012 we have secured over £88m from 170 clients and 616 projects. Our target set by Scape for October 2016 is £100m, this quantifies the fantastic achievement of the framework so far.

The framework benefits from a pre-established Tier 1 supply chain that is a combination of large national organisations and key regional companies. In addition, we have a strong regionalised Tier 2 supply chain which is currently made up of over 370 approved small and medium sized businesses spread across all four of Faithful+Gould's geographic regions, with 95% of the framework being delivered within 35 miles of the client.

We continue to deliver services to the core sectors of local government, education, HE&FE. Over the past 12 months we have widened the sector spread through targeted marketing and business development activity which has resulted in a more diverse client mix.

We are exceeding our corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets. CSR has been embedded as an integrated part of our framework with community and school engagement, career workshops, continuing professional development (CPD), guest lecturing and employment opportunities generated.

Find out more about the AMSandDS framework in our brochure.

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