Selfridges, Birmingham

Development of an iconic regional department store which reflected Selfridges' brand values. 245,000ft2 store with 140 specialist concessions. We provided project management, contract administration, lease negotiation, and planning supervision.

This unique, high risk project required a new approach to management and control of the project process to secure the support of the developer, planners, and key stakeholders. The skills of 5 signature designers were used to achieve an exceptional retail building. Faithful+Gould integrated fully with the Selfridges team to establish a single project management organisation. The developer interface was established very early in the process through an extensive and innovative lease agreement. Design scopes were clearly defined, and harmonised to maintain creative freedom.

The challenge: An iconic building to capture brand values and provide a Selfridges identity outside London; a “building without a need for a sign”. Outcome: Delivery on budget, 2 weeks ahead of the original schedule, massive press acclaim and award. A survey in 2007 found Selfridges was the most popular building in Birmingham.

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