SHINE - Learning Network for Sustainable Healthcare Buildings

We developed new guidance for the Learning Network for Sustainable Healthcare Buildings (SHINE) about how sustainability and whole life costing can have an impact on the sustainability ‘footprint’ of a project. The guide provides a steer on conducting an options appraisal, using whole life costing techniques and it shows the impact of a number of sustainability interventions. Some of these big ‘sustainability wins’ are often not incorporated into designs because they are not appraised early enough in a project, or from a whole life perspective, which can lead to expensive redesigns as the scheme develops.

Step 1 - Research: Our approach was to speak with and interview a number of experts.

Step 2 - Early draft: Based on our research we produced an early draft introducing the importance of considering whole life costs and sustainability when considering various design options.

Step 3 - Workshop to test assumptions: We conducted a workshop to test a number of our assumptions with a number of key players in the industry. The guide and its assumptions were tested on a SHINE steering group which contained a number of experts.

Step 4 - Production of the final guide: This is a pioneering guide, it is the first time whole life costs and sustainability have been analysed in the NHS setting.

Faithful+Gould was instrumental in producing the ISO 15686 Standard Method of Life Cycle Costing, the methods of which helped contribute to the guidance given to SHINE. Outcome: Clear guidance on how whole life costing and sustainability can improve sustainability in construction projects in the NHS.

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