Veolia Water Partnership – Water Mains Rehabilitation

We were appointed to provide the following services for a series of projects with a total combined value of £16.5m: Undertake process review of the client’s financial accounting and reporting procedures, review the contractor’s cost management system and procedures, establish a cost management process to provide greater cost transparency and visibility, review and agree the contractor’s target cost submissions, audit and report on contractor’s costs, evaluate contractor’s financial pain/gain, provide strategy advice, including cost management of contract novation. We worked closely with the client and contractor within the integrated project based office.

The challenges: To complete the rehabilitation of the existing water mains in accordance with the undertaking given to the regulatory authority, on time and within budget, to minimise disruption to the client’s customers and to road users affected during the course of the work, to maintain water quality standards during the course of the work.

The rehabilitation of the existing water mains was completed to a tight programme and on budget despite the appointment of a new contractor part way through the programme. As well as improving the quality of the water supply, the delivery network was also improved.

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