Wyndale Clinic, Ireland

The Wyndale Clinic, which is being developed on a greenfield site, will be the first independently funded hospital in County Donegal. It is a three storey, 12,000m² hospital with 225 car parking spaces. The clinic will treat both public and private patients and provide 75 beds. It will offer radiation oncology, cardiology, diagnostics, MRI, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, renal, urology, respiratory and minor injury services.

The approach was to: Establish an in-house team of key experienced individuals, establish a robust budget that allowed funding and operator negotiations to develop during detailed design and tendering periods. And, establish a two stage tender process allowing design development without impacting overall target programme.

The challenge: Development of a robust procurement strategy that identified contractors with necessary experience and capacity, the development of a Fixed Price Lump Sum tender to be inclusive of design developments as tender and design process developed in tandem and ensuring life cycle and sustainability issues were debated and incorporated at an early stage.

The outcome was: Comprehensive value engineering strategy allowing economical design development, guaranteed maximum price achieved and robust documentation for funding agreement developed.

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