Strategic Asset Management

Supporting you to unlock value from your built environment in operation

Effectively managing property assets is critical to the success of organisations. So how do you ensure your property strategy is aligned to your business goals? We can help you to optimise the way you manage your buildings and assets in operation - the global centre of excellence for asset management, sustainability, lifecycle and facilities management.

Why Strategic Asset Management?

Developing the best approach to managing your existing built assets and facilities will have a materially beneficial impact on your people and your customer's experience. Like you, our clients are all responsible for one of their organisation's greatest operating costs and their property assets. We recognise the criticality of facilities to your core business. Helping clients like you to optimise their existing buildings and facilities functions is what we do.

We are a technical consultancy who make change happen. We work with our clients to help them better define their existing arrangements, plan for the future and deliver the change, unlocking value.

How can it help you?

  • How do I drive value? Property assets are one of my highest costs and do I treat them strategically?
  • How is my portfolio performing? How well does my estate support the business?
  • Am I compliant? Can I prove it?
  • Do I have access to data, information and knowledge? Do I have the data and systems I need to run my portfolio?
  • Am I equipped to face and manage change? Do I have the right tools, expertise and controls for successful change?
  • Can I evidence and leverage the benefits of good practice in sustainability and employee wellbeing?


Institute of Asset Management

" ...coordinated activity of an organisation to realize value from assets "

Let us help you

We have worked with many clients across many sectors at every level and at every stage of the asset life cycle. We have implemented corporate standards, capital delivery process and practice and supported digital approaches to operational data management and asset planning. We would like to help you.