Serving your needs through challenging times

Jon Sealy
The unfolding Coronavirus crisis clearly creates huge challenges and uncertainty for businesses across the country. I wanted to reassure you that we continue to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our UK employees, whilst ensuring we are open for business and continuing to serve your projects.

Our business only succeeds if we help you to deliver. The work we do together is crucial to the UK’s prosperity, delivering projects and programmes to create positive social outcomes now and in the future. This has never been more important. We have been working hard to maintain 100% delivery capability, leveraging the latest digital tools, to support the successful delivery of your business.

Many of our people already work from home from time-to-time and, given the nature of their role, can continue to do their job effectively from a remote location. We have invested heavily in our technology with around 95% of our staff already using laptops and our systems have the capacity for all laptop users to work remotely. Being an agile workforce will ensure that we maintain the delivery of our work to you, giving you the certainty you need over the coming months.

Following the latest government guidance, we’ve taken the decision to restrict access to our UK offices other than in exceptional circumstances to maintain essential client project delivery.  Where our staff are located alongside your teams, we will also work closely with you to fully understand the measures needed to keep your projects on track.

We have also identified those employees whose role makes it more challenging to work from home. We are ensuring they continue to have access to the right technology in an environment where the threat of infection is minimised by social distancing, as well as assessing factors such as working patterns and transport to and from our/your locations. Where our staff are located alongside your teams, we will also work closely with you to fully understand the measures we need to keep your projects on track.

Faithful+Gould is part of a daily crisis management team for the UK and Europe region. Several weeks ago we established a dedicated project team from across our business to focus on project delivery by sector and client. This team is tasked with ensuring we are well prepared for a number of potential scenarios and to ready to respond as the landscape evolves. 

We value our relationship with you. Collaboration has never been more important and I hope we can learn from each other during this difficult time. With that in mind, we’re asking our clients to share their own resilience plans as this may help as we continue to develop our response to this fast-changing situation.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if you need any support beyond project delivery, please let your Faithful+Gould contact know.

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