An Extraordinary, Evolutionary Journey

Jon Sealy
This year, 2017, we mark the 70th anniversary of Faithful+Gould. It's a tremendous achievement and something which, as a business and as individuals, we are all very proud of - and of course, we will be celebrating accordingly!

From very modest beginnings, Faithful+Gould was founded in March 1947, it started as a four man quantity surveying business in Bristol. Seventy years on we are an international project and programme management consultancy with over 2,400 worldwide staff and a UK & Europe operation covering 26 offices over seven countries. I think it's fair to say Faithful+Gould really has exceeded our founders expectations and has been on an extraordinary evolutionary journey.

Connecting the business and communicating with each other has become central to our UK & Europe growth strategy, with an ever increasingly diverse workforce it’s amazing to see everyone embracing this change. Working and connecting instantly with each other in a genuinely collaborative way.

To celebrate our anniversary we have come up with a really smart, inclusive and fun way to connect our people. Aptly named 70 4 70, we are taking everyone on a tour of our UK & Europe footprint, reflecting the journey we have been on over the past 70 years.

This is a national cycling challenge and Faithful+Gould's first ever national fundraising event. It is flexible enough to accommodate all levels of fitness and ability but ultimately will enable all of our staff to work as one team whilst raising money for a really deserving national cause.

Connecting the business and communicating with each other has become central to our UK & Europe growth strategy...

Our charity as chosen by our staff is Alzheimer’s Society; an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of people with dementia and those who care for them.

The challenge will take us on a tour of all 26 of our offices in the UK & Europe. Our goal is to raise £70,000 by covering the ambitious distance of 7,000 miles, and to complete the theme – we will do this all in 70 days.

London will be kicking off the first leg on Sunday 21st May and will complete the descent down into the capital from Oxford on the 70th day… 30th July. It’s a huge undertaking and the perfect way for Faithful+Gould to show our true collaboration and celebrate an amazing business.

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