Faithful+Gould Wins John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital Contract

Tana Burhans
Faithful+Gould has been awarded the construction management contract for the Clean Steam Piping Replacement and the Guaranteed Energy Performance projects at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital, which will total more than $48 million dollars.

Stroger Hospital of Cook County is located west of downtown Chicago and is in the heart of the 305-acre Illinois Medical District, one of the largest concentrations of health care facilities in the world.

The hospital was constructed in 2002, and within a matter of months the clean steam generation system had deteriorated and was shut down. A settlement was awarded to Cook County in 2006 for damages that totalled approximately $20 million dollars. After six years of administration changes, design modifications and financial shortages by the county, the project has finally moved on to the construction stages.

The Clean Steam Piping Replacement project will encompass nearly every department within Stroger Hospital's 1.2-million-square-foot facility. All of the clean steam piping and valves will be replaced with new stainless steel systems. The only items that will remain will be the six steam generators, humidifiers and autoclaves used for sterilization of utensils and equipment. In the first few weeks, the Faithful+Gould team will develop the logistics, coordination, schedule and other front-end documents with the various hospital departments. These will be critical for the receipt of bids from the general contractors and various subcontractors.

The Guaranteed Energy Performance project includes the replacement of numerous pieces of outdated and inefficient equipment within six buildings of the Stroger campus. These include the main Stroger Hospital, Hektoen Building, medical examiner’s office, parking garage, central plant and The CORE Center. Items scheduled for replacement include thousands of lights and ballasts, air handling units, domestic water pumps, boilers, exhaust fans and hot water heaters. Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI), the contractor for this project, will also replace the conventional air filters with electronic filters which are more efficient and only require replacement every seven years.

I’m looking forward to the challenge and providing Cook County Stroger Hospital with a very successful project for all concerned.

Dave Scott, Faithful+Gould's Director - Operations

A critical element for these projects will be the infection control and safety of the patients and staff. This will require Faithful+Gould to develop in-depth logistics and phasing plans, tight schedules and constant communication between the contractors, hospital staff and administrators.

These projects are being led by Director - Operations Dave Scott and are supported by Cost Manager Carl Saunders and ESD, a minority engineering firm. Both projects are scheduled for completion by December 2014.

Dave comments, "I can see this as being one of the most logistically challenging projects that I’ve been involved with during my career. We will be working in every part of an extremely active hospital and in areas where most contractors don’t want to be. Much of the work will be in the Operating Rooms, ER & Trauma, Linear Accelerator, CathLab, NICU, Labor/Delivery and Central Sterile areas. Our team will need to have a laser focus on infection control, security, life safety, scheduling and constant communication with the hospital staff. I’m looking forward to the challenge and providing Cook County Stroger Hospital with a very successful project for all concerned."

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