Faithful+Gould Appointed To SWRDA Framework

Dale Potts
Faithful+Gould has won a four year framework contract to provide project management services for the South West of England Regional Development Agency.

The contract will see the company involved in providing services across a wide spectrum of construction and non-construction related projects.

Faithful+Gould, one of four service providers on the framework, will support the RDA in its projects across the South West of England.

Director Paul Davies said, "We are heavily involved in the regeneration of many of our towns and cities across the UK and already work with several other RDAs and Urban Regeneration Companies. This experience will enable us to transfer our learning and knowledge from other projects to the South West of England".

“We are a leading organisation in the regeneration market and we will now be supporting SWRDA in creating economic growth whilst sustaining a quality environment that encourages organisations to expand and locate to the South West of England.

"This contract is very important for us as a business because it gives us an opportunity to help shape our local environment and share in the development and growth of our economy. Faithful+Gould was founded in the South West in 1947 and we are proud of our roots".

Faithful+Gould’s first project under the new contract is to aid the RDA in obtaining specialist construction and property related legal advice.