Faithful+Gould Assist Pharmaceutical Giant Control Costs

Dale Potts
Astra Zeneca the pharmaceutical giant with an annual turnover of £16.5 billion, has appointed the Teesside office of project and cost consultants, Faithful+Gould to improve its efficiency and effectiveness in the way it manages project planning.

Astra Zeneca has eight sites throughout the UK employing 10,000 people in both R&D and the manufacture of prescription medicines for use in the treatment of cancer, pain control and respiratory conditions.

Faithful+Gould which is already working with Astra Zeneca providing cost control services, has also been appointed by the firm at its Bristol plant to introduce new planning and process systems. Faithful+Gould was asked to carry out a survey of the plant in 2003 to assess the systems that were in place at that time and determine how best they could be improved.

Planning manager Ian Mackenzie commented, "Using software specifically designed for project planning coupled with Faithful+Gould’s expertise, it has been possible for us to improve the way in which Astra Zeneca plans projects and drug production. As part of this appointment we will be required to regularly monitor progress and carry out reviews to establish that things are going according to plan."

The implementation of the new planning systems will increase productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness at the Bristol plant.

A spokesperson for, Astra Zeneca added, "Like any production facility well executed project planning is vitally important to make a company more efficient and profitable. We wanted to ensure that we were working as effectively as possible and as Faithful+Gould was already working with us providing cost control services it seemed a natural progression to call upon its experience and knowledge in the field of project planning. We are delighted with the revised project planning systems that Faithful+Gould has now introduced which will ensure Astra Zeneca delivers projects on time and within budget."