Faithful+Gould to Speak At CMAA

Mike Dell'Isola
The Construction Management Association of America is North America’s only organization dedicated exclusively to the interests of professional Construction and Program Management.

The New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) manages one of the largest and most complex institutional building programs in the United States.

A presentation at the upcoming Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) conference in Chicago, October 21-23, will address how Faithful+Gould and the SCA have developed an organized approach to improve project delivery processes.

Our approach applies a comprehensive problem solving methodology that starts by researching background, defining current approaches and identifying detailed tasks, roles and responsibilities. In an ongoing team workshop environment, the goals are clearly identified as well as issues affecting outcomes. The team brainstorms improvements, assesses the viability of ideas and develops viable alternatives into short formal change proposals with pros and cons of the change and implementation requirements. Typically, a management steering committee reviews proposed alternatives deciding what to implement and eventually collects ideas into logical scenarios.

The implementation process is a key to success in that experience has clearly shown that even excellent ideas can “die on the vine” without rigorous and coordinated follow up and the demonstrative support of upper management. Schedule, resource requirements and costs are identified and teams are organized to conduct the implementation process.

This approach has been successfully applied to the SCA organizational elements and actively continues at this time.

The chart below details the process.

Improving Business Processes - Overall Logic and Flow

 Logic and flow chart