Faithful+Gould Support Flood Defences On The Trent

Dale Potts
Faithful+Gould has been awarded a project management role to improve the River Trent’s flood defences.

In one of its first commissions under its framework agreement with The Environment Agency, the Sheffield office of cost and project management consultants, Faithful+Gould, has been awarded a project management role to improve the River Trent’s flood defences.

The £14m scheme will improve the flood defences along a 3.2km length of the south bank of the Trent through Nottingham, providing protection of a standard that could withstand a storm of the severity that might occur once in a 100 year period.

Acting as project manager with responsibility for managing the Engineering and Construction Contract for The Environment Agency, Faithful+Gould will act as client’s representative additionally managing the risk process, payments to the contractor and overseeing the construction works.

With an anticipated operational completion date of August 2007, the project will undoubtedly pose some challenges for the contractors, given the central location of the construction area in the heart of Nottingham.

Andrew Scott at Faithful+Gould’s Sheffield office is ECC project manager on the scheme. He said: "It is a really exciting project to work on, very much in the public eye in the centre of Nottingham. Due to the nature of flood defence works, they must not only be carried out to the required standard but safely, with the relevant Health & Safety procedures in place. The majority of works are within the floodplain which understandably can impose a number of restrictions on construction activity and there are significant earthworks close to residential areas, so we are keen to make as much progress as we can while the weather is still fair. One of the best aspects of the project is that the final scheme will benefit so many local people, reducing the flood risk to 5,636 properties in the West Bridgford area of the city whilst providing a real environmental improvement."

Nicholas Adjei, project manager for The Environment Agency, added: "The River Trent can rise by several metres after long periods of rain. Although it will never be possible to prevent flooding entirely, we are committed to managing flood risk in the area. This means reducing both the likelihood of flooding and the effects of flooding on people and properties. We have developed a flood risk management strategy for Nottingham involving work along the River Trent after recent investigations showed that the flood defences were nearing the end of their design life. Our solution is to raise existing flood defences and to construct new defences where required, so that West Bridgford is protected against a flood that has a 1 in 100 chance of occurring in any year."

As part of its agreement with The Environment Agency Faithful+Gould is currently providing quantity surveying and project management services on a number of projects throughout the country.