Hinkley Point C: Ten Years On

Kimberley Workman
The first in a new generation of nuclear power stations and the first to be built in the UK in over 20 years, SNC-Lavalin's Faithful+Gould business has been involved at Hinkley Point C since conception. 2018 has marked ten years since we started on the project.

A pioneer in the revitalisation of our nuclear power industry, Hinkley Point C, when built, will provide low-carbon electricity for over six million homes. It will make a major contribution to the UK’s move to reduce carbon emissions; the electricity it generates will avoid nine million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year, or 540 million tonnes over its 60-year lifespan.

Striking drone footage shows the latest developments as Hinkley Point C takes shape.

But it's more than a nuclear power station - Hinkley Point C will produce many other economic and social benefits too. There will be 25,000 employment opportunities available throughout construction, up to 1,000 new apprenticeships created and 64% of the project’s construction value is predicted to go to UK based companies.

Faithful+Gould has been involved since the planning and investment stage, initially supporting the development of the procurement strategy, working closely with EDF Energy in the UK and France. Our industry costing and benchmarking enabled development of cost models and scenarios as the design and contract strategy matured. We provided support to the investment case, regulatory and shareholder audits and we led key supply contracts negotiations.

We remain an integral part of the project as it has moved from development into delivery. Our investment and shareholder support continues, on a reporting rather than development basis, and our team is expanding to significant commercial and procurement support to programme areas such as the Conventional Island, Nuclear Island, Civils and Balance of Plant.

Now in the delivery stage, there are currently over 3,500 people working directly at the construction site. Since 2008, we have contributed our fair share to that impressive number, developing our people’s skills, knowledge and experience on this extraordinary project.

Kevin McNealey, director and head of nuclear at SNC-Lavalin's Faithful+Gould's business, comments: “Skilled professionals are the lifeblood of the nuclear industry and Faithful+Gould has been providing exceptional talent to the HPC project from the beginning.

“It is an incredible project to develop our most important asset, our people. Being able to recruit and develop the right people, creating greater breadth and depth in our nuclear capability, achieves HPC’s goals and helps propel us towards our own goal of becoming market leader in the sector.”

Kevin continued: “With unit 1 of Hinkley Point C planned to be online in 2025, we’re building a legacy; we’ve been an integral part of the country’s transformation for the last ten years and are excited to continue with the challenge through to completion.

“For us, working on this notable project for the last ten years has built upon our reputable skills as well as strengthen our nuclear expertise, providing a real opportunity to effectively deliver other current and future nuclear programmes nationally and worldwide.”

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