Implementing Whole Life Carbon in Buildings – Innovate UK

Danielle Wynn
Our Strategic Asset Management team has played a leading role on the consortium to develop the RICS Professional Statement on Implementing Whole Life Carbon in Buildings.

This Innovate UK-funded project aims to define the practical implementation in assessing life cycle carbon emissions of buildings and infrastructure projects.

Based on EN 15978 methodology, the Professional Statement provides a detailed framework to calculate embodied carbon for the complete project lifecycle. This document aims to reduce the level of discrepancy on the calculation results derived from different possible interpretations of EN 15978, and provide a more consistent approach to increase the confidence on embodied carbon within the industry.

Under the RICS regulations, a professional statement document is of mandatory compliance, and all RICS members are required to familiarise with and follow it’s guidance. The draft report has been released for public consultation, and can be found here.

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