Recognising Best Value - the 'New Norm'

Mike Morgan
Austerity measures, funding cuts and the challenges of delivering more for less need not make depressing reading.

Taking full advantage of frameworks will not only meet your building needs, but can also help you demonstrate the added value that the “new norm” now demands.

Traditionally the gauge of success has been cheapest price, whether this is a service or construction project. This blinkered approach results in opportunities to add value being overlooked.

The “new norm” recognises that the lowest price rarely represents best value and understands that a modern employer’s concerns extend beyond the bottom line.

The benefits of a truly collaborative framework are well documented and include:

  • Encouraging an integrated approach and work with SME’s.
  • Offering an opportunity to share knowledge, information and expertise.
  • Developing efficient standardised processes.
  • Creation of employment opportunities and up-skills the employees of organisations involved.
  • Investing in the local community; socially and financially.

These benefits help to develop efficiencies in time and cost whilst maintaining and often improving overall quality. This supports the drive to deliver more with less and ultimately secures better value for the taxpayer’s purse.

The “new norm” highlights that sharing skills and knowledge can be mutually beneficial. A recent example of successful collaboration between the public and private sector is the publically managed Scape Asset Management, Surveying and Design Services Framework (AMSandDS).

The AMSandDS Framework allows Faithful+Gould to offer the public sector instant access to a complete suite of innovative, cost effective, professional construction consultancy services. Clients can be confident that the framework is fully Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) compliant and has been competitively tendered in the most difficult economic conditions – ensuring best quality and price.

Scape demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits which clients  experience, and actively work with clients to develop the right solution ensuring that they are realising value, time and cost benefits.

The “new norm” allows you to broaden your thinking and take a holistic approach to the delivery of construction and value management; encouraging the use of framework models.