The importance of identifying the correct delivery strategy

Matthew Board
We have all experienced projects where the delivery strategy has negatively impacted overall project performance. How can clients achieve the best bespoke delivery strategy?

Identification of the correct delivery strategy underpins project success. With the right strategy from the outset, overall project delivery can be more effectively managed. Despite this, across the Middle East and Africa we see the use of off-the-shelf solutions with little or no tailoring between projects.

At Faithful+Gould we recognise that each project and client is unique, and necessitates a unique project delivery strategy. Very often we find that clients don’t know which questions to ask themselves at project outset. However, our team has the experience to work with clients from a very early stage, to identify the project parameters and determinants.

Typically, this early planning stage will take several weeks, during which we conduct a thorough review and analysis of the delivery options, eventually producing an optimum bespoke delivery strategy. Our experience shows that the earlier we’re involved, the more value we can add to the project.

We begin by obtaining a detailed understanding of our client’s requirements, structuring a clear brief that captures the project aims and objectives. We then take a detailed look at the following :

  • What are the client’s aspirations?
  • In terms of programme duration, what is realistic in this location and in the current market
  • What are the budgetary constraints?
  • What is the best way to design the project within budget from the outset, and ensure it stays within budget?
  • What is the client’s attitude towards risk?
  • What are the most cost-effective and operationally satisfactory options for allocation/mitigation of risks? 
  • Is the supply chain capable of delivering the project utilising the procurement strategy ? 
  • Does the supply chain have an appetite to deliver this project?
  • How can we incorporate best-practice supply chain relationship management?

We add further value by building on these fundamentals, using a best-practice matrix comparison of the different contracting options available, followed by a high-level analysis of why we’re recommending a particular strategy.

Gathering the above information gives us the best opportunity to identify the correct strategy for our Middle East clients. Our suggested delivery strategy will always consider what is in the client’s best interests. And when the delivery strategy is central, right from the start of the project, progress will be more effective, with project success more likely to follow.


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